A home in the old Liberian neighborhood

Video produced by iPad Air2 and published by Voices of New York in July 2016.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA — The refugee story didn’t end for Logan Campbell on a quiet street in Hollis, Queens. His family came there in after a 1980 military coup ended their middle-class life in Liberia.

A small community of about 5,000 Liberians emerged throughout the five boroughs. Many of them represent the white-collar workers who fled as their native country descended into poverty and civil war. Census data indicates that those who came to the U.S. mostly stayed after the war ended in 2003.

Campbell though came back to Liberia last year to live permanently in the old family house. It appeared a fixer-upper to say the least, according to Campbell.

“I knew that it was home (but) I realized the epic nature of the transformation,” he said.

More than three decades of squatters, war and tropical weather left the house in shambles. Campbell must renovate the four-bedroom house to honor the work of his ancestors who helped establish Africa’s oldest republic. Once he does, his mother and sisters will join him in the one place they truly call home.